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M.Sc. Indipendent Researcher, Material Scientist and Engineer
Nanotechnology and Mechanical Engineering
Abant Izzet Baysal University, UCTEA Chamber of Metalurgical Engineers


Gökhan TERCAN was born in Bolu in 1990. He started his academic career and completed his B.Sc in Erciyes University, department of Material Science and Engineering. After graduating in July of 2013 he began to M.Sc. in Abant Izzet Baysal University department of Mechanical Engineering. He served as a vice president in Material Science University Club while he was at Erciyes. During college, He started working on nanotechnology, with many projects he also participated in the contests. His best known project in Nanotechnology is “Design of Nanoscale biosensors for the detection of P53 gene in cancer cells “. He worked as University Representative in TMMOB / UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers. Apart from these, he took part in social responsibility projects. He is still a member of TEMA. Now, He is working in SCHOTT, German Glass Manufacturing Company that produces specialized glass for more than 125 years as an administrative intern. He is living with his family in Bolu/Turkey.

Research Interests

Engineering, nanotechnology, natural sciences, music, swimming, art


Atomic Force Microscope

Next Generation Microchips and Material Science


Design of Nanoscale biosensors for the detection of p53 gene in cancer cells

GeminiQ TV / New Quantum Dot Display Technology


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